Mar 31st Introducing Staff Accounts

We are glad to announce that you can now create staff user accounts by choosing new staff user group in your store admin panel. The staff user group is used to create user account with limited access. This is useful if you want a member of your team to only have access to certain features like products or sales section in your store admin panel. ... Read More »

Mar 29th Why You Are Losing Sales

There are several reasons why customers don't complete their order on your online store, one major reason is that payment gateway setup for your online store may be experiencing issues processing customer payments. If your customer is unable to complete their order as a result of your store payment gateway, the order is saved as "Incomplete" order ... Read More »

Mar 25th Boost Sales Using Product Video

We are glad to announce that you can now add videos to your products using the new Invotide Product video module. Product videos give you the opportunity to show customers the benefits and uses of a product right at the point of potential purchase. If there is any hesitation to buy or lack of understanding the value of your product, your video ... Read More »

Mar 18th Pay With WhatsApp, Facebook Pixel And More!

We are happy to announce that you can now offer WhatsApp as a payment method on your online store. This is good for customers who wish to order your products but prefer to make payment via WhatsApp. The new payment method makes it easy to process sales and track customer's orders via whatsApp. To learn more on how to setup WhatsApp payment ... Read More »