At Invotide, we hold customers' experience and satisfaction above all else. This is why we’ve spent the better part of this month, strategizing on how to improve our services. Our main focus was to understand the pain points from user’s perspective to ensure that whatever solutions we deploy will improve your experience.

We are happy to announce the launch of new onboarding service to make it easier for new and existing clients to access our services. Now when signing up for a new online store, you can choose not to setup your online store by yourself as we will do it for you. If you want us to setup your eCommerce website (online store) for you, you will be required to fill request form and pay a one-time setup fee. You will need to provide your WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal instant messaging app phone number when filling the request form so we can contact you to get the required content needed to setup your online store. You will need to provide content such as your business logo and product details so we can design your online store theme, upload your products, setup payment and delivery options. The one-time setup fee covers the cost of setting up your online store and we will process a refund if you decide not to use our services before we start the setup process for your online store. Please note that we will not provide refund once we start work or complete setup of your online store. To get started, you need to open this page and choose "We Build It For You" option. See screenshot below.

The onboarding setup service also aims to address the customization needs of users who may want to setup a customized online ordering platform using Invotide. Our goal is to make the setup process stress-free so users can launch their customized online orderig platform faster and focus on selling their products/services instead of spending time figuring out technical jargons and module settings. Whether you need a customized food ordering platform, logistics mobile apps, shopping website or laundry booking platform, our dedicated team are always available to process your custom request. To get started, you need to open this page, choose the "Request Custom Solution option" on the page and proceed to choose a custom package. You can also access the custom packages page using this link -, choose a custom package that suites your business and proceed to fill the request form. See screenshots below for details.



We hope you find this update useful, feel free to contact us if you have any question by sending email to or submitting a ticket through your client account. We will do our best to resolve any issue as fast as possible.

Thank you for choosing invotide

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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