Before, if a user signs up for Invotide free subscription plan and wants to upgrade to a paid monthly or yearly plan, the upgrade fee generated usually includes additional fee for unused time between the last renewal date and present date upgrade process was initiated. This additional fee made the total amount that user was to pay higher than the actually paid plan the user is subscribing to. We are happy to announce that this issue has been resolved and an update made to the subscription system, now when you upgrade or downgrade to any plan you will only be required to pay the actual fee for the new plan. Please note that this update is applicable for new subscriptions created by users starting today as existing subscriptions are not affected by this update. If you're currently on the free plan and want to upgrade to a paid monthly or yearly plan, you can submit a ticket and our technical team will adjust your free subscription plan so you don't have to pay the addition unused time fee when upgrading it to a paid plan.

Product Quantity Discount Coupon
Ever wanted to restrict coupon validity to quantity of products in a customer's shopping cart? Now you can do this with the new product quantity coupon module. This module makes it easy to setup discount coupons that will be valid if total quantity of each or all products in shopping cart is less than, greater than or equal to a predefined value. Click the link below to watch a video guide on how to setup product quantity based discount coupons.

Multi-Store Mail Settings
If you use multi-store feature, now you can setup different mail and SMTP settings for multiple stores through your main store admin panel. When you create a new sub store, you will see a "Mail" section in the store setup page that will make it easier to add unique mail settings for your new store. See screenshot below for details.

New Scroll Up Widget

We've also added a new scroll up widget to make it easier to navigate store admin panel pages. Now you no longer need to manually scoll up when editing your store products and modules as you can simply click the "Scroll Up" widget to do this automatically. See screenshot below for details.

We hope these new features will be useful to your business, 
feel free to contact us if you've any question by sending email to or submit a support ticket through your client account.

If you need a new online store for your business, click the link below to create your online store.

Thank you for choosing invotide

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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