Reward point and store credit programs are effective ways
 businesses can maintain relationship with both new and existing customers. It does not only help attract new buyers, providing them with strong incentives to make repeat purchases on your store, but also ensures that existing loyal customers have feelings of being valued encouraging them to introduce their family and friends to your business. 

What Are Reward Points And Store Credits?

Reward point is the point that customers can earn from various actions on an online store. For example if you've an Invotide store, you can setup reward points so customers earn points whenever they purchase your products. Store credits on the other hand are cashbacks that customers earn for ordering your products. Just like reward points but the difference is that instead of points, customers earn cash credits that they can apply as discounts when ordering on your Invotide store. 

New Reward Point And Store Credit Discount Rules
In order to enable sellers leverage the benefits of reward points and store credits, we are happy to announce the launch of a new discount rule module for reward points and store credits. Now you can set discount rules that will determine the reward points and store credits your customers will earn when shopping on your invotide store. To learn more about discount rules, see details below.

How To Setup Reward Point Discount Rules - 

How To Setup Store Credit Discount Rules -

New Video Guide Added To Knowledgebase

We've also added new video guides to the knowledgebase. See details below.

How To Use Store Geo Zones

How To Manage Product Returns

How To Use And Manage Store POS Credits

How To Setup Point Of Sale Module

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

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