Over the last four weeks, we resolved several bugs impacting Invotide features and Integrations. We also made improvements and added new modules to give your customers a better online ordering experience, see details below.

New Payment Methods Added
We are glad to announce that you can now accept payments using Klasha and DPO group payment gateway. If you're an African merchant and looking for an easy way to accept payments on your Invotide online store, you can setup the new payment methods. Both Klasha and DPO group support many African countries, see details about supported countries below.

Klasha supported countries - https://klasha.com/business/country-coverage

DPO Group supported countries - https://dpogroup.com/online-payments/

Please note that you will need to sign up as merchant on Klasha (https://klasha.com) and DPO Group (https://dpogroup.com) websites in order to use the payment methods. We have created a video guide on how to setup these payment methods on your online store, see details below.

How To Setup Klasha Payment Method 

How To Setup DPO Group Payment Method 

Yoco Payment Gateway For South Africa
In addition to Klasha and DPO payment methods, we also added Yoco (https://yoco.com), one of the fastest growing South African payment gateway. If you're based in South Africa or sell your products to a South African audience, you can use this payment method on your Invotide store. Click the link below to learn about how to setup Yoco payment method.


Bank Transfer Payment Confirmation Form
The bank transfer payment method has been updated to include payment confirmation feature, this update has been long overdue as many sellers want an easier way to verify bank transfer payments made to their bank accounts after customers place order on their online store. Click the link below to learn about how to setup the bank transfer payment confirmation feature.


Product Options Price Calculator
The new product options price modification settings enables you to adjust the pricing calculator for product options to show addition of product base price to customers visiting your store. This is useful if you want your customers to see the actual price of each product option before they order the product. To learn more about this feature, open the link below.


Product Options Quantity
We made adjustment to the product options quantity feature, now when you setup quanity for your product options, it will be automatically added to product main quantity. This will make it easier to manage your product inventory as before now you will need to manually input the options quantity to product main quantity. For example, let's say your product main quantity is 50, if you add "Size" option, set "Large" option value and add 20 as quantity of "Large" option value. When you save, the product main qauntity will be updated to 20. See screenshot below for details.

STEP 1 - Product Main Quantity

STEP 2 - Set Product Option Quantity 

STEP 3 - Product Main Quantity Updated

Discount Coupon Updated
The discont coupon module has been updated to include the ability to exclude products, categories and manufacturers. Now you can setup discount coupons to exclude specific products or all products in a specific category or manufacturer. This will enable you to offer streamlined discount campaign to your customers. See screenshot below for details. 

New Video Guide Added To Knowledgebase
We've added new video guides to the knowledgebase. See details below.

How To Manage Customer Orders 

How To Integrate Sendgrid Email API Using SMTP 

How To Use Admin Panel Mobile App  

How To Setup Store Theme

How To Create And Manage Discount Coupons

If you need a new online store for your business, click the link below to create your online store.


Feel free to contact us if you experience any issue by sending email to support@invotide.com or submitting a ticket through your client account.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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