Small, medium, and large: These sizes can vary widely when it comes to actual fit, and that can be a significant challenge if you sell clothing. The new product size chart module makes it easy to add a customized size chart to your products. Once you setup size chart and allocate it to a product, customers will be able to choose the right product size that meet their requirements.

Adding size chart to your products will increase sales and reduce customer product return rate. To setup product size chart, you first need to setup product size chart module by selecting it in the modules page. Click the link below to learn about how to setup product size charts.

Admin Panel Help Tips
We are glad to announce that all pages in store admin panel now includes comprehensive help tips, this will make it easy for new users to setup various modules and features for their online store.

In addition to help tips, we have also added video guides to the help section of modules pages. You can access video guides by clicking on the help button, see screenshot below.

New Video Guide Added To Knowledgebase

We added new video guides to the knowledgebase for client using Invotide platform. See details below.

How To Use Low Stock Alert Module

How To Setup Product Size Chart

How To Setup Age Verification Module

How To Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager

If you need a new online store for your business, click the link below to create your online store.

Feel free to contact us if you experience any issue by sending email to or submitting a ticket through your client account.

Monday, May 9, 2022

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