The abandoned carts module makes it easy to track incomplete orders and remind your customers to complete their orders. We are happy to announce that you can now setup SMS notification that will be sent to customers in addition to the abandoned cart reminder email template. To setup SMS notification, navigate to the "Abandoned Carts" page in the sales section and select the "SMS Settings" option as shown below.

We have also updated the abandoned carts cron job email template feature, now you can setup multiple reminder email templates that will be sent periodically when the cron job setting is enabled. You will be able to send multiple email reminders to customers who have already been notified of their incomplete orders using the cron job settings. See screenshot below for details.

Click the link below to learn about how to setup cron job to automate abandoned carts reminder email.

Product Stock Alert SMS Notification
Now you can setup SMS notification for product stock alert requests so customers can be notified when an out of stock product is back in stock. To setup product stock alert SMS notification, navigate to "Product Stock Alerts" page in the sales section and select the "General Settings" tab as shown below.

Once you setup SMS notification, you can also adjust the SMS message template sent to customers by selecting the "Email & SMS Template" option.

Product Bundles
The new product bundles module enables you to group your store products in bundles and apply discounts. It is designed to expand your opportunities of offering bargains to your customers and thus, help your store become more profitable. You can setup unlimited number of product bundles and add discounts to it. To setup products bundles, you first need to setup product bundle module by selecting it in the modules page. Click the link below to learn about how to setup product bundles.

Mass Order Status Update

We have added a new order status update button in the order list page that will enable you to update order status for multiple orders at once. This is useful if you have many orders and want to quickly process it without opening each order. See screenshot below for details.

New Video Guide Added To Knowledgebase

We added new video guides to the knowledgebase for client using Invotide platform. See details below.

How To Setup Prescription Based Product

How To Setup Product Bundles

How To Use Store Reports

How To Create Sub Category

How To Setup And Sell Services

How To Use Marketplace Seller Panel

If you need a new online store for your business, click the link below to create your online store.

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Friday, April 29, 2022

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