The Invotide Quick Product Add/Edit feature introduces a new process for creating and editing products, giving users the power to manage products with less effort and more speed than ever before.

Admin users will see a new "Quick Add" and "Quick Edit" buttons on the products page in admin panel. See screenshot below for details.

Clicking the Quick Add/Edit button will show a product creation/edit popup window which enables you to create new product or edit an existing product without leaving the page. This will save a lot of time in editing multiple products or adding new products. 

To activate the Quick Product Edit module, navigate to Settings > Modules and search for "Quick Product Edit" module. Once you find it, proceed to install and setup the module. See screenshot below for details.

Watch a video guide on how to setup the Quick Product Edit module below.

We also added a new mass product editing module that will make it easier to edit multple products at once. Watch a video guide on how to setup the Product Mass Edit module below.

We are very happy with our internal testing and use of these modules. We certainly hope that you will find it useful.

Please dive in, explore and let us know what you think!

If you experience any issue, feel free to contact us by sending email to or submit a ticket throught your client account.

Monday, January 10, 2022

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